Terms & Conditions

Responsibilities of the Customer

  1. Customer attests they are at least 18 years of age, and if requested, is willing  to provide a picture identification containing their date of birth.
  2. If customer wishes to provide their own materials, the customer agrees to send such materials before handwriting service can begin. If  customer needs to retrieve their materials, it is their responsibility to cover shipping costs.
  3. To ensure customer satisfaction, the customer agrees to approve or  disapprove by email, in response to email provided by Ms. Write that  contains a picture of portion of her work to confirm customer’s approval before Ms. Write proceeds to complete the order.
  4. Customer agrees to pay Ms. Write in full when customer submits their order.
  5. If customer feels there is a problem with services from Ms. Write, they will contact Ms. Write by phone during normal business hours to give Ms. Write  the opportunity to make things right or answer any questions before a  dispute is filed.
  6. If customer prefers a different courier other than the United States Postal Service, or if customer chooses to add a tracking number to their item to be  mailed, or chooses to have item mailed in a way other than the standard  First-Class Rate provided by Ms. Write, then it is the customer’s  responsibility to pay those additional fees. Customer understands  and holds harmless Ms. Write for any mail that is damaged or delayed receiving from any unforeseen circumstances or disaster.
  7. If after the customer and Ms. Write agree to a deadline, and customer  initiates a different deadline, customer agrees an additional fee of 25% of the  total order will be assessed and paid for by the customer before Ms. Write  mails the items.
  8. Customer agrees and understands that all wording is provided by the  customer via email to Ms. Write, including names, addresses, and content,  and does not hold Ms. Write responsible for any spelling or grammatical  errors. Customer also agrees to provide a word count of item(s) to  be handwritten. Customer understands Ms. Write will not write  any form of hate, and customer will not request Ms. Write to do so.

Responsibilities of Ms. Write Handwriting Service

  1. Ms. Write agrees to provide customers with email and phone availability  during normal business hours, Mon-Fri 9am-5pm. If customer leaves a  message, Ms. Write agrees to make contact with customer as soon as feasible  during normal business hours.
  2. To ensure customer satisfaction, Ms. Write agrees to provide a picture of the  portion of work ordered to be sent via email to the customer for their  approval/disapproval before Ms. Write finishes the order.
  3. Ms. Write agrees to provide First-Class Rate postage on items to be mailed  via United States Postal Service, and agrees to mail items from United States  Postal Service in Neosho, MO.
  4. Ms. Write agrees to respect customer wishes, and will mail items back to the  customer if customer requests.
  5. Ms. Write agrees to keep customer names, information, and content of  writing confidential.
  6. Ms. Write agrees to write all wording provided by the customer regardless of  any spelling, or grammatical errors.
  7. Ms. Write promises to give our customers the best quality handwriting  service possible.
  8. Ms. Write agrees to provide the handwriting service as a means to make a positive impact for corporate or personal clientele.

My Refund Policy

Payment is expected when order is submitted, including a 3% non-refundable Portion fee. I do not have an official Refund Policy. To ensure customer satisfaction, after I hand write a portion of your order, I will email you a picture of that portion for your approval. Then after you confirm your approval by email, I will proceed to finish the job. If you decide you do not wish for me to complete your order, I will refund your payment minus the 3% Portion fee.

Postage and Handling

Unless you specify otherwise, I will mail all items using standard First-Class Rate through the United States Postal Service as early as possible upon completion, respectful to our deadline. The cost of postage and Post Office delivery fees are included in the prices listed for each item. To help guarantee delivery of your item, you can choose to have it mailed with a tracking number for a minimal fee. To send a Thank You Note or any Letter by “certified mail,” the cost is an additional $4.50/each, with your item arriving within 7 days. If you prefer a faster 2-day delivery, you can send it “priority mail,” with the additional cost of $6.50/each. Both certified and priority mail have tracking numbers you can use to track your item. If you would like a different courier, all shipping and handling costs will be your obligation. I am not responsible for mail that is damaged or delayed receiving from any unforeseen circumstances or disaster.


If after the initial agreed upon deadline is made between you and I, and there is a changed deadline initiated by you, then there will be an additional 25% fee incurred and paid before I mail the items.

When making a purchase from Ms. Write, the customer agrees to the items in this contract and understands any handwriting order cannot be submitted until this agreement is accepted.