Personal Letters

Sometimes the words are heard better when they are handwritten. Personal letters can range from being a fun correspondence to being a tool, designed to foster healing. A typed letter cannot match the connection that a handwritten letter can make. You can be assured, I write Personal Letters with the utmost care. I will never give out any personal information or content I am entrusted with. You will need to let me know whether or not you wish for me to send the letter to the recipient, or back to you. If I mail it back to you, you can mail it, keep it, tear it up, burn, or bury it. It is yours to do with whatever you need to do, for your own wellness.

Prices include: addressing envelopes, stamps, and Post Office delivery.
For Personal Letters, the prices are as follows:

From 1 – 100 words – $ 9.00/each
From 101 – 200 words – $ 11.00/each
From 201 – 300 words – $ 13.00/each
More than 300 words? Please contact me.

Remember! All wording is provided by the client, including the sender and recipient’s address, and the typed words you need me to scribe. Please include the word count.

If you want me to use your personal stationery, no problem, just send it to me, with a few extras in case of personal error. You can pick from black or blue ink. If you would like me to use a different color of ink, you’ll have to send it to me. I can either keep the remaining materials or send them back to you at your expense. The prices are the same whether I use your materials or mine. If you do not provide your materials, you can choose from my white lined notebook paper, yellow lined paper, or any color of my cardstock. All envelopes will be standard white business size.

When you’re ready, I’m ready, with pen in hand, and heart in place.